Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD)
is a Toronto-based premier residential and commercial landscape design company focussed on urban property development for a discerning clientele.

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To begin the design phase, Kim Price meets with clients to understand their needs and then conducts a comprehensive assessment of a site’s strengths and limitations. A site’s topography, soil, and existing structures are evaluated for their condition with consideration given to the sightlines of adjacent properties. Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) approaches site limitations as a creative challenge and transforms what would otherwise be a visual or functional lability into stunning features. The company’s planting schemes are lush, clean, and structural with the overarching theme carried throughout the garden to create a cohesive whole.

“The key to a successful project is strong design. Every detail is worked through in advance. The amount of thought that goes into a design ensures the result will be a livable and inviting space.”
– Kim Price

Once a contract is signed, hand-rendered, plan-view drawings are produced to visualize the design for the client. And, if required, concept drawings, and construction detail drawings for specific structures, like pergolas or garden houses, are generated. At the design presentation stage, the proposed design, the plant selection and costs, and construction costs for the project are laid out for the client.

Project Management

“My team works on one project at a time. Clients can expect to receive my team’s full attention from excavation to the project’s completion.”
– Kim Price

All aspects of construction are personally overseen by Kim Price and she schedules the workflow of the trades in a way that minimizes disruption for clients. Ms. Price performs regular site visits, provides progress updates, and she reliably follows up on any concern. Clients can be assured that anything built or installed by her team will be fully operational and ready for use.


“I personally hand-select premium plants for my projects from the best nurseries and growers working exclusively with the trades. Establishing a healthy ecosystem in a garden is an integral part of a Kim Price Landscape Design and this begins with healthy plant specimens.”
– Kim Price

Trees, evergreens, perennials, and shrubs are optimally planted by Kim Price Landscape Design’s (KPLD) head gardener and crew. The plants are carefully nurtured so that the specimens thrive which ensures the vision for the garden is realized. Disease and insect resistant species are planted in keeping with the current best practices in the industry. Plants and groupings are chosen for their hardiness and changing seasonal conditions to ensure visual interest year-round. As a rule, KPLD opts to plant larger specimens to gain the visual impact of a more mature garden for clients. The company guarantees its plant material for one year.

Property Maintenance

“I’ve been happy to maintain my client’s properties as seeing my vision through to its maturity has been a rewarding experience for me.”
– Kim Price

Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) offers a full-service maintenance program for a select number of clients’ properties designed and built by the KPLD team. This service provides ongoing assessments of soil condition changes which can require tweaking of the irrigation system. Correct seasonal pruning and early recognition of infestation and other blights avert otherwise significant plant loss. All materials and methods used by KPLD are environmentally friendly and all tasks are performed by hand. Trees are monitored for their health and an professional arborist will be brought in to address any concerns.