Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD)
is a Toronto-based premier residential and commercial landscape design company focussed on urban property development for a discerning clientele.

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Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence
• Residential Construction

On this residential project, a large stainless steel half wall is a sleek element against the texture, scale, and visual weight of adjacent stone walls. Three 16ft birch trees anchor the landscape and serve as a vertical equivalent of the hardscape elements. As a compositional approach to design, Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) explores the use of oversized elements in small spaces to achieve dramatic effects.

With the client’s aspirations for an ambient and stimulating environment on a narrow lot a priority, Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) proposed a unique water feature composed of burnished stainless steel panels etched with schematic illustrations of fish. The degree of detail paid to the design and construction of this structure built by her team achieves a high standard of execution.