Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD)
is a Toronto-based premier residential and commercial landscape design company focussed on urban property development for a discerning clientele.

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Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) is a Toronto-based award winning landscape design firm providing urban residential and commercial property development of varying sizes for a discerning clientele. Emerging in the early 2000s, the company’s strong showing in several projects in the Beach Tribute Homes’ development launched its reputation as one of the city’s premiere landscape design firms. For over 20 years, KPLD has been shaping environments people desire to live in with creativity, insight, and exemplary execution. KPLD continues to evolve as an innovator in the field of landscape design.

Kim Price

BFA, Master Gardener (MG) Emeritus, Cert. Landscape Designer (CLD)

“I’d been accepted into U of T’s Landscape Architecture program after completing my fine arts degree, but it wasn’t until I’d cut my teeth in editorial design and as an illustrator that I felt compelled to return to my first love: design with the added element of nature.”
– Kim Price

A long-time beach resident, Kim Price launched her landscape design company, Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD), in 1997. A Master Gardener and Certified Landscape Designer, her projects soon won awards and garnered the attention of HGTV and design magazines like Canadian House & Home, Chatelaine Magazine, and House and Garden. Her signature style captured a wave of interest in maximizing the beneficial effects of a garden and the function of limited exterior spaces. An active member of Landscape Ontario, Kim Price has been acknowledged many times by her peers for her excellent work.


“As an antidote to the complexity of our lives, we desire a connection to nature daily. We desire to share that connection with our family and friends. We value a healthy environment. I believe the best way to serve these desires and values is by taking a collaborative approach to landscape design.”
– Kim Price

Sensitive to the needs and wants of clients, Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD), delivers design solutions that achieve those objectives. Bold, clean lines, a surprising use of materials, and lush planting schemes characterize the warmth and appeal of KPLD’s spaces. Working on a variety of residential and commercial projects with a network of experienced contractors — an eye for detail in execution reflects a close engagement with the construction process. The company maintains a culture of professionalism and respect for the client’s privacy and property.


“I’ve cultivated productive relationships with the best in the business to execute my designs. My vision is carried throughout the space in the smallest of details.”
– Kim Price

Kim Price Landscape Design (KPLD) is a full-service landscape design company with a seasoned team of independent contractors dedicated to realizing the vision for each project. With over 30+ years of collective experience, the company’s team of contractors covers all aspects of site development, construction, and installation — from sophisticated lighting systems through to fabricating custom structures in wood, stone, and steel. Construction processes are rigorously adhered to with the longevity of the structures and the client’s investment a priority.